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The Original Happy Farmer

Chris' family has been farming a patch of land in Woodlawn, Tennessee for as many generations back as they can trace. In fact, genetic testing shows that Chris' ancestors were some of the earliest settlers of Tennessee in the late 1700s. 

Today, Chris is one of the shrinking pool of American farmers who have continued to operate as an independently-owned family business. He boards horses, raises hay and corn, and grows organic CBD. Happy Farmer's very first batch of CBD came from Chris.


At Happy Farmer, we're proud to support small farmers who still find joy in the agricultural pursuits most of us take for granted.

The Happy Farmer Difference

We use USDA-organic CBD to craft the very best Tablets and topicals. We only Only the highest quality hemp, sourced from small farmers who run their own agricultural operations. 

We're confident in the Happy Farmer difference, and when you order your first product, we think you'll notice it too.

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Our Social Mission

Happy Farmer wasn't initially imagined as a company dedicated to disability empowerment. The founders knew they wanted to do something to support marginalized communities - but weren't sure exactly what form that goal would take.

Before long, though, all three members of the management team realized they had something in common: they were all neurodivergent. Neurodivergency falls under the umbrella of disability and describes people with ADHD, dyslexia, autism or another learning difference. The realization that they all belonged to this community developed into a a clear mission.


 Happy Farmer seeks to support people with disabilities through our resources and influence, with a focus on promoting both independence and empowerment.

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