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A note from our (proudly) autistic CEO as Autism Month wraps up


"Having the opportunity to lead a company is an honor, and if I'm being honest, it's not one I was sure I'd ever have. After all, most boards [of directors] don't see having an autistic CEO as an asset - they see it as a liability.

I know that's not true, because I know that being on the spectrum gives me strengths that make me a better CEO. Things like being incredibly detail-oriented, asking direct questions, noticing patterns in the market and being a creative problem-solver.

All of these are characteristics of my autism, and without them, I would not be as capable of a CEO. Happy Farmer is a place where I can embrace the way my brain works, and the strengths of my neurodiversity are appreciates while the challenges are accommodated.

As Autism Awareness, Acceptance, and Pride Month wraps us, I want to remind people that having autism is not a worse way to be - and that all autistic people deserve to live and work in spaces where that truth is recognized!"

- Claire Barnett, Happy Farmer CEO

Follow @Autistic.Chick on Instagram for more of Claire's autism and disability advocacy. Follow @HappyFarmer_Hemp on Instagram for regular updates on our premium hemp product start-up.


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